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9 Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Hassle-free

Plan your move early:

Report the interaction process and start planning with your team right when you know you’re moving and talking about the transfer. The faster you prepare, the better, particularly if you have more than 10 employees in a large office. The relocation of business is planned as early as 6 months in advance and major commercial movements can take up to 2 years.

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Take inventory before you pack:

Objects can be quickly lost when driving. Before you start packing, it is important to take stock. The goal is to ensure that you have the same number of items before traveling. Before you move, having an inventory list helps you to keep track of all office supplies if they are misplaced during your move.

Have an “everything” box:

An all box has all the knick-knacks you need to move around. There are scissors, tape, label makers, etc. in this box. Think about it; these items are small enough to get lost anywhere, especially if you use those supplies to have a large company with numerous employees. Have a ratio between 1 and 10.

Clean as you go:

Wipe it down until you clear the room. If you spend the whole day packing boxes, it’s not enjoyable and then you have to wash the other half of the day. When you wash the job as you go, it will all be done at once. Once you have a meeting room or kitchen area, wipe it off one last time before moving to the next place.

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Forward all your mail:

When you know your new office address, notify USPS so that when you transfer, they can forward your mail. Often this is something people put on the back burner and eventually could cause trouble. Let them know at least two weeks in advance so that they can review the paperwork and start to deliver your mail to your new address. The longer you wait, the more messages you can lose in the future.

Make a packing plan with employees:

Provide weekly meetings with your staff to ensure that everyone is always on the same page. Give all relocation updates to your employees, so they know what’s going on with the move. No employee on packing communication should be left out of the loop.

Which materials will require address changes?

For all marketing materials, don’t forget to change your name. These include business cards, social media, Facebook, and Yelp! And any other listing on the web. You don’t want your customers or customers to appear at the wrong address. Edit addresses for any network applications that you use for accounting purposes.

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Order new equipment in advance:

Purchase any wires or cables you will need for your new office before you move. See what cables or wires are needed for the new installation if your office has new technology. If you’re not sure, our Move Solutions group has onboard an IT team that can give you advice on what cables you’re going to need.

Buying or selling your furniture:

Think about liquidating through Furniture Solutions Now if you want to sell your old furniture before relocating your office. It is expensive to place furniture in storage and requires a monthly payment.

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